North America Diving Dogs is partnered with the American Kennel Club and Eukanuba to present a Dock Diving competition that is open to all breeds and sizes. K9 Water World hosts 5 events per year beginning in May and ending in September. These events are open to the public and free to watch! 

    If you are interested in entering your dog in an NADD event please visit

There you can register your dog for a one time fee of  and then you can pre-register for events. If you pre-register you will pay $23 per "splash" on the day of the event, if you do not pre-register it will be $28 per "splash". We do offer "Try Its" between splashes if you are unsure about joining the competition. For $10 you will get to try it twice between the competition splashes. 

Jump Into Fun!

2021 NADD Season

  • May 21st - 23rd

  • June 5th-6th HD/AR Specialty 

  • June 18th- 20th

  • July 9th- 11th

  • July 24th Saturday night lights

  • August 13th - 15th

  • September 10th - 12th Qualifier 2021

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