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Have Some Questions?

1- Where do I park?
For Bone Pool rentals, you may park next to the Bone Pool in the lower, open parking lot.
For Dock Diving pool rentals, you may park in the lot next to the main office building adjacent to Pets & Moore.

2- Do we need to check in?
There is no need to check in so long as you have received your confirmation email for your booking.  
We simply ask that our guests be considerate of others and vacate the pool area promptly so that the next group can enjoy their full allotted time.

3- How do we sign a waiver for each human?

Please have your guests visit the website and access the waiver form located at the bottom of all pages on the website.
You may also send the link (insert the link here) to your guests directly.

4- How do I cancel or reschedule my reservation?
You may cancel or reschedule your sessions through the Member Portal

For desktop users the member portal is locate at the top left corner of the header on our website.

For mobile users- First, tap the menu bars in the top section of the site. Then you will see the Log In bar at the very top of the screen.
You may cancel or reschedule your reservation anytime
24 HOURS PRIOR to your scheduled rental.

5- What if I need to add a dog or human to my booking?
There are two main options in the event you need to add additional dogs:

*Option 1- You may access your member portal to manage your bookings at your convenience. Within your member profile (so long as you access the booking you wish to adjust 24 hours prior or more from the time of you session) then you may cancel and reschedule the booking as you see fit.
   To do so: Select the intended booking and click "Cancel". Then, return to the main site and re-submit your desired booking as you did when making your original booking.

Option 2- Contact the K9 Water World offices via email ( or call 512-754-7483 during standard business hours. Note; requests submitted after 5:00 pm Mon-Fri will be reviewed the following business day.

You are allowed to bring human guests with you so long as you have them submit the K9 Water World Waiver form. ( refer to FAQ item #3). In the event your guests bring unregistered dogs then you as the primary booking client will be invoiced for the additional dogs.

6- Where can I let my dog out before my rental time?
Each pool has a turn-out yard adjacent to it for your convenience. If they happen to be occupied, feel free to walk your dog "on leash" in the open areas.

7- How do I know which pool I booked?
You will receive a confirmation email after booking.  You can refer to this email which will state the pool that you selected upon booking your rental.

8- What if there is someone in the pool when I arrive?
First- Refer to your reservation confirmation email to make sure you are at the correct pool and have arrived for the correct time.
Second- it is possible that the renters before you are losing track of the time, or it is not quite time for your rental.  Start pottying your dogs in the off leash potty area designated for that pool before entry.  If all else fails, please call 512-754-7483.

9- Are restrooms available on site?
At the Bone Pool there is a port-o-potty in the shade beside the off leash potty area.
At the Dock Diving Pool, there is a restroom attached to our training hall that you can access from the pool area.

10- What is the difference between the Dock Diving Pool and the Bone Pool?
The Dock Diving pool is a 4' deep, above ground pool with stadium style bleachers and distance markers along the side of the pool.  The Dock Diving pool is located adjacent to the main office complex, in the upper parking area.  You can book a trainer for this pool only.
The Bone Pool is an in ground pool, shaped like a bone with beach entry access at both ends.  It has open grass areas surrounding the pool.  The Bone Pool is located on the back field of the property, in the lower parking area, separate from the main buildings.

11- Is there shade at either pool?
Yes. Both pools have shaded areas on the patio only.  The pools are in direct sun.

12- Do we need to bring life-jackets or toys?
We recommend that you bring your dog's properly fitted life jacket and their favorite float toys.  
However, we do have different jackets and toys you can try while here.

13- Which pool should I choose?
The Bone Pool is perfect for building confidence in hesitant dogs and perfect for senior dogs.  
The Dock Diving Pool is perfect for strong swimmers, larger groups, dock divers and lessons with a trainer.

14- How do I book a trainer?
Visit, select the “Book Online” tab in the main header.
Select the service category “Training Services” tab. Click “Book Now” on the service of your choice.


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