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The Bone Pool

An excellent avenue for play time,

hydro-therapy, exercise and lounging alike!

There are no trainers in this pool so

you can relax and enjoy your time in this clean, climate controlled, dog bone shaped pool that takes the edge off the summer heat and chilly fall days.

Beach Style Entry on both ends makes it perfect for all types of dogs; big and small, young and old!!  

This pool has a maximum depth of 3.5' in the center of the pool.


The Dock Diving Pool

is perfect for the sport of


dock diving!

Private sessions and Training sessions are offered at this pool.

Types of Training Offered:

Dock Diving Training

(Air Retrieve, Hydro-Dash, Distance)


Learn to Swim.

This pool is 4' deep throughout.  It has ramps to get in and out of the pool.

This pool is not climate controlled.


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